A Photo Web Site in Five Minutes


We recently updated dotPhoto’s My Web Site feature to make it easier to create an instant web site from your albums. Just click on the My Web Site button, add some text, and choose colors and albums. Click here for a step-by-step procedure or write to us if you’re a Club Member who would like us to set up your photo web site the first time — no charge — at makemywebsite@dotphoto.com.

Here’s a sample photo web site:


You can even “point” your domain name to your dotPhoto Web Site like this:  www.billiondollarartgallery.com

How can I use dotPhoto like Dropbox?

You can use the dotPhoto download tool to allow a friend to download the original files of one of your dotPhoto albums. Unlike Dropbox, dotPhoto does not require your friend to install special software or to join dotPhoto to download your photos.

The only limitations are:

  1. The download feature only works for an entire album. If you want to share a download for just one photo, create an album, copy the photo to that album, and share the download link from that album.
  2. Your friend must download the photos within about 4 hours. Download links expire after about 4 hours, and are not meant to be posted for broad distribution.

Here is how to get a download link that you can send to a friend:

  1. Sign in to dotPhoto
  2. Click on an album.
  3. Click on Organize on the left.
  4. Click on Download at the bottom of the list.
  5. Right-click on the Download button, and choose Copy link address.
  6. Paste the link into an email to send to your friend who can click the link to download your album.
    The link should look something like this (but this is not a working link): http://img.dotphoto.com/dl/1646017/6731598/1480715f72d439784g1f45a34f03e298/Album6731598.zip

dotPhoto Galleries are back!

Click on the Gallery button in the button bar to see dotPhoto public galleries:


Choose categories and sub-categories to find the kind of photos you want to browse:


Browse popular photos or create photo products as a guest. For instance, here’s a Hieronymus Bosch black mug from our Billion Dollar Art Gallery in Art & Culture / Painting:


Add your albums to the dotPhoto Galleries:

Under album settings, remove the album password (if any), choose a category, and click the Save button.


What makes a photo memorable?

MIT explains…

Very memorable images
It seems that the weirder — or more surprising — the better. If you test humans to see what photos we remember, and then feed those results into a neural network, you can train a computer to find the most memorable photos.
The least memorable photos have few defining characteristics such as photos of fields, lakes and buildings like many you have seen before.

A few things that can make a photo memorable

  • Unusual angle
  • Odd facial expression

    Less memorable images
  • Anything surprising
  • Something that breaks the rules
  • An image that tells a story
  • Something threatening

Try uploading your own photos to get a memorability score.