NEW dotPhoto Mail-for-Me Cards

Here’s another dotPhoto Club benefit: 5x7 Mail for Me Cards for only $1.99

You can create, sign, seal, stamp and send a customized 5×7 photo card without leaving your desk for only $1.99 for Club Members. That’s $1.79 LESS than the average card-store card with first class stamp.*

Customize your dotPhoto card with:

  • Photos inside and out
  • Caption on front
  • Large text box inside
  • Signature box below the text box

Make your own card and send a unique, genuine message for significantly less than the cost of a card-store card.

In the Shop, type Mail to find Mail for Me cards, and use the All Occasions designs.

Colorize your black-and-white photos!

Color brings to life older black-and-white photos. The best reason to colorize may be that young people don’t like to look at anything that is not color. I want my children to have a few nice color photos of their grandparents.

Colorization was once a difficult art, but you can now colorize a photo by choosing a color from an existing image and “painting” it over the region of the black-and-white photo. Here is a photo of Pearl S. Buck, the first  American woman to win the Nobel prize for literature.

In the example here, we borrowed lip color from a color portrait of Mrs. Buck, and found a model on the web to lend auburn hair color. We also tried an automatic colorization app, but it generated too much red tint for our taste. Try here

When you’re finished, you can download your colorized image, and print it on dotPhoto.


Simple Cropping Trick Makes Great Portraits

A Club Member called who had a nice landscape picture of her child’s ball field, but she wanted a vertical portrait of her child in the field.

This cropping trick makes it easy to capture a perfect portrait from a wide image, or a group photo from a tall image.

Here’s how:

  1. Tap the photo, and then the pencilicon (the photo editor) in the upper left.
  2. Choose the Crop tool from the edit bar.
  3. Choose the ratio for the photo you want to print. If you’re printing a 5×7, choose 7:5.
  4. Tap the 7:5 box again, and, voile!, it becomes a 5:7 vertical slice of the image. You can grab the middle of the crop area and move the rectangle, or grab the corner to further shrink your image.
  5. Now choose Apply, Save and Save as a New Image.
You have both the original photo and the new vertical image that’s perfect for your portrait!