How to make a Backup Book

How to make a Backup BookHard drives fail, computers break, and CDs need readers. Books, though, are one of the easiest ways to backup your memories.

A Backup Book is an inexpensive way to backup hundreds of photos fast in a physical form. The cost per photo in a bound 130-page book with 780 photos is less than 10.9 cents each including delivery.

With dotphoto’s SAVE49 coupon code, you save $49 on any book of $79 or more, which brings dotphoto books to about the same price as individual prints.

To create a Backup Book, download dotphoto’s book software, and let the software lay out your book automatically. Similar photos are grouped together, and you can edit the results as you like.

These instructions will walk you through creating your bound Backup Book in about 5 minutes:

Today, preserving family photos requires a comprehensive strategy for digital, print, and off-site storage. Here are our recommendations:  Best Practices for Family Photo Preservation in 2018

Abandoned America: our strange & forgotten past

How to rearrange photos in an albumYears ago, my father — who loved to ride the Philadelphia trolleys — went looking for a trolley museum. He and my uncle came back laughing with reports of trees growing up between the trolleys.

Today, the forest has grown more dense. Abandoned America features evocative photos of our abandoned past including trolleys, planes, buildings and more. Enjoy!

Abandoned America Photos

How to download photos from Verizon

When Verizon notified me that they would delete my photos, I was surprised because I didn’t remember storing them there. It turns out that Verizon also offers a photo service: for one TB of storage, it’s $119.88 a year; prints are 19 cents each plus shipping. By comparison, dotphoto offers unlimited storage, 8 cent prints and free shipping on orders over $10 — and more services all the time for just $1.67 a month.

One month of Verizon’s TB storage = One year of dotphoto service! Here’s how to save some money on your Verizon account…

To download from Verizon:

  1. Sign into your account at
  2. Search for “cloud”
  3. Tap the cloud icon
  4. Hover on the Photos & Videos button, and choose photos
  5. Select all photos
  6. Tap the Download down-arrow button.
Your photos will download as a zip file.

Toys R Us Slideshow

iPhone 8, 8Plus, and X coversGenerations of us have shopped at Toys R Us. We have marveled at the variety of toys, gaped at the displays, bought bikes and beds, and argued with our children over whether they really needed the latest toy trend.

When we heard Toys R Us was closing for good, we thought, “There may never be another retail store like this. Let’s take some pictures while we still can.” So here is our homage to Toys R Us, the generations who loved it, and the time we spent dreaming there.

How to re-arrange photos in a dotphoto album

How to rearrange photos in an albumTo re-arrange the order of photos in any dotphoto album, choose the Organize menu on the left and then Sort Album. Under the Sort Album, you can automatically sort by photo title, date or upload date — or you can manually drag-and-drop photos to whatever order you want.

This is particularly helpful when making a dotphoto slideshow.

More info on re-arranging photos

How to make a dotphoto slideshow

Dotphoto Safeguards Your Data.

iPhone 8, 8Plus, and X coversThis week’s news has devoted a great deal of time to the scandal in which Internet data was sold and shared with political campaigns. Some of you have called to ask about dotphoto’s data policies. If you missed this news cycle, here is a simple explanation:

dotphoto does not sell data to anyone because we have a different business model. We sell a photo service that includes:
  • Safeguarding your data. Your data is yours. We don’t sell your data unless you ask us to sell your photos, and then we send you money.
  • No ads among your photos.
  • 8 cent prints, $49 off premium books, and wholesale prices on other customized photo goods
  • Free shipping on orders of $10 or more (That’s huge.)
  • Original storage of the entire image up to 20MB (We don’t down-size your photos.)
  • Unlimited storage
  • Satisfaction guaranteed
  • You can call us on the phone. If you don’t get us instantly, we usually call back in an hour.
  • Lots more that you can read about here — and we’re adding to this list all the time.
dotphoto is a straightforward photo service that — for less than a cup of Starbucks a month — provides more value than free services and never sells your data.

Link to dotphoto & get $5 for every join!

Dog TwinningEmail us at with your dotphoto login and the subject “Send my dotphoto link!”
We will create a code that you can use in a link like this:

Use that link on your web site to direct people to dotphoto.

Our system tracks the origin of people who join dotphoto, and will pay you $5 for each new member.