The Best Time to Be Alive – Happy July 4th! – Free Facebook Cover Photos

Tap for slideshowThis may be the best time ever to be alive.

As we prepare to celebrate July 4th, it’s worth remembering that no nation has ever progressed so far in 200 years. We have more freedom, longer lives, and more opportunity than ever in history. Despite the drumbeat of frightening news, we are safer and better off than any generation before us.

Want proof? Bill Gates recently gave away a book called Factfulness to every 2018 college graduate. Examining the facts about harvests, cancer, plane crashes, child labor, hunger, technology and other concerns, Factfulness presents a powerful case for dramatic improvements in our lifetimes. This dotphoto slideshow displays 32 positive trends.

At dotphoto, we are fortunate to save billions of mostly happy photos from happy events like July 4th. Every week, we work to improve the service, fix something, or provide something you might enjoy. Here is the update for this week…

Tap for free Facebook coversFree July Fourth Facebook Cover Photos
These photos are cropped to 851 b6 315, which is the perfect size for a Facebook cover photo. You can copy and paste these images into your Facebook account, and then select them as your cover photo. You can also use the dotphoto editor to crop your own cover photo for Facebook.

How to make a dotphoto album completely private

Pepper Mill SlideshowLet’s say you want to share a single album or slideshow with someone, and you don’t want them to see any of your other albums.  Set up a guest password on your whole account, and then create a unique album password for the album you want to share. (The album password must be different from the guest password on the account.)

Note that a guest password will make your account private, so the MyWebSite feature will not be visible to the public.

12 Insanely Great Things about Dotphoto

Last week, a friend invited me to dinner. He had just returned from a trip and he wanted me to help design a photo book. My friend had used dotphoto years ago, and was so enthusiastic about the new dotphoto that I thought, “Wow! I should tell our customers how dotphoto has morphed into a really useful photo service.” So here it is!

12 Insanely Great Things about Dotphoto

  1. Dotphoto is a straightforward photo service: share, archive, print and even make money selling prints or downloads. We don’t surround your photos with advertising, sell your personal data, or push you to buy products.
  2. Dotphoto stores your whole image up to 20MB or 36 megapixels. Unlike most competitors, we don’t downsize your files, and you get unlimited storage.
  3. You control your stuff. You can download your photos from dotphoto at any time at no charge – or order a backup of all your photos on an SD card.
  4. Dotphoto is easy, though it does a lot. Commands are in a menu in the upper left: upload, shop, organize, share. For information about your account, tap your account name and choose MyAccount.
  5. Easy to learn. Tap the question mark in the upper right for detailed procedures and videos.
  6. No app required. Dotphoto works great on iPhones, Android phones, tablets and other mobile devices – just sign into
  7. You can call or write us. If we don’t pick up immediately, we’ll usually respond within an hour. Contact info
  8. 8 cent prints with free shipping for any order of $10 or more, which makes dotphoto an even better deal than “free print” sites.
  9. Get a $79 photobook for just $30 including free shipping. Use coupon SAVE49.
  10. Send a customized 5×7 folding card including First Class stamp for only $1.99. Add photos, write, add your signature, and mail right from your dotphoto account.
  11. Dotphoto’s Frame Shop is the best way to frame a picture. You can see customized frames, mats, and photos in any size up to 42” before you buy.
  12. Dotphoto has been in business since 1999 and is rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau.

For a more complete list dotphoto’s expanding benefits, please see

Upload from your iPhone or Android

How to make a Backup BookTwo of the most frequent questions we get is “How to I upload from my iPhone?” — and “How do I select more than one photo on an iPhone?” We’ve produced a short video that shows how to upload and multi-select photos on an iPhone:
Two of the most frequent questions we get is “How to I upload from my iPhone?” — and “How do I select more than one photo on an iPhone?” We’ve produced a short video that shows how to upload and multi-select photos on an iPhone:

The most important part of an iPhone upload is lightly dragging your finger across multiple photos to select them. Pressing too hard will not select the photos, but tapping the first one, and lightly dragging your finger works well when selecting more than one photo.

Got an Android phone? There’s a video for that:  Android upload video


Undelete and retrieve photos

Undelete Photos

Have you ever accidentally deleted photos? It can be heart-breaking. I had selected a bunch of family photos on my phone to send, and I decided to delete the current photo. Bad idea: I deleted all the photos I had just selected. What to do?

Most deletions are like crossing out a chapter in the table of contents: the pages appear to be missing, but the chapter is still there if you know the page number. First, make sure you don’t over-write your photos: stop using the SD card, the camera or the phone until you have recovered your photos.

Second, get this free photo recovery softwareRePicVid scans for deletions, and lets you pick the photos you want to recover. Windows and Mac versions are available.

How to make a Backup Book

How to make a Backup BookHard drives fail, computers break, and CDs need readers. Books, though, are one of the easiest ways to backup your memories.

A Backup Book is an inexpensive way to backup hundreds of photos fast in a physical form. The cost per photo in a bound 130-page book with 780 photos is less than 10.9 cents each including delivery.

With dotphoto’s SAVE49 coupon code, you save $49 on any book of $79 or more, which brings dotphoto books to about the same price as individual prints.

To create a Backup Book, download dotphoto’s book software, and let the software lay out your book automatically. Similar photos are grouped together, and you can edit the results as you like.

These instructions will walk you through creating your bound Backup Book in about 5 minutes:

Today, preserving family photos requires a comprehensive strategy for digital, print, and off-site storage. Here are our recommendations:  Best Practices for Family Photo Preservation in 2018