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Square 5×5 Instagram Prints

dotphoto speeds up servers for 5G
If you noticed that dotphoto is faster, it’s because we upgraded our servers. dotphoto works great on 5G phones!

Use 4×6/D (not 3×5) for Back-Printing Documentation
We recommend that customers who use back-printing for documentation use 4×6, 4xD or 5×7 prints. We can no longer guarantee back-printing on 3.5 x 5 prints.

More on Back-Printing

How to take photos from videos

Videos can be full of spontaneous, exciting photos.

When hikers hopped the fence above this Yosemite waterfall, I took a video. “Either you guys should come back now,” I said, “or I’ll be selling this to the news.” Fortunately, they were OK. Here are photos I snapped from the video. 

It’s easier than ever to get a good photo from your videos with free software that snaps photos from your videos.

How to use Free Software to Take Photos from Your Videos

How can I share dotphoto albums, slideshows or individual photos?

dotphoto’s Share button provides instant links to albums, slideshows or individual photos. Tap the green Copy button, and then paste the links wherever you like to share: emails, blogs, Facebook, Tweets, Reddit, discussion boards, or wherever you like to share photos.

How to share photos, album & slideshows

How can I share just one dotphoto album without showing my other albums?

We get this question a lot. If your albums are not protected by a guest password, they are public and can be seen by anyone invited to your album or MyWebsite.

The simple solution is: (1) Add a guest password to your albums in MyAccount and (2) Apply a different password to an album or group of albums that you want to share. 

To test what a guest will see, sign out of your dotphoto account, open a private browsing window, and sign in as a guest, or paste your sharing link into your browser URL

How to see what a guest sees

ChangeMyFace shows how we might look in 10 or 20 years

Share a photo directly from dotphoto to ChangeMyFace to see how you might age.

Lifestyle attributes will dramatically affect aging. For instance, to produce the 20-year result on the far right, we chose a junk food diet, heavy smoking, low sleep, steady drug and alcohol use, high stress, high sun exposure, and heavy pollution. She’s had a tough life, but that’s one of the uses of aging software: to help us understand the impact of our decisions. Other uses include finding missing persons and demonstrating medical and skin treatments

How to share a photo from dotphoto to other websites

ChangeMyFace Demo

The Best Little Frame Shop in New Jersey – and probably anywhere

“Where did you get that beautiful frame?” A visitor had spotted the framed print waiting for delivery. “It picks up the colors in the painting.”

“It is beautiful, isn’t it?” I agreed. “The best part is that dotphoto allows you to see the finished frame even before you order it. If you’ve ever tried to frame something, they show you corners, and you hope for the best.”

  • What you see is what you’ll get: design it, see it, order it.
  • Custom-cut for your image – not limited to standard sizes like 16×24 or 30×40
  • Try hundreds of frames before ordering
  • Try multiple mats with different colors
  • Choose the glass you want
  • Includes free heavy-duty wall hangers
  • Free Shipping for Club members
  • We guarantee the workmanship.

How to design your own exquisitely framed print

Super Hangers Included

Our frames include heavy-duty interlocking hangers. Attach one set to the wall, and slide your framed print over them for a safe and sturdy installation.