Getting more out of dotPhoto

Since we started dotPhoto in December 1999, we've spent most of our time building, testing and using our service.  Some of what we've built really can't be done anywhere else.  Some we could probably explain better.  Much would be enhanced by your feedback.  And finally, people are starting to recognize that an east coast company can make interesting innovations, so we're starting this blog to address all of these goals and to share any good news that comes our way.

Let's start with some good news.  Top Ten Reviews, a web site that reviews all kinds of services, has named dotPhoto the Gold Standard in online photo sites:  

Full review here

Hosting images on dotPhoto for WordPress 

By the way, the image above is hosted at dotPhoto.  To plug photos and videos from dotPhoto into your WordPress blog, go to the image in dotPhoto, click on "Share" on the menu on left, choose "See links" and copy the "Tag" link that appears.  Go back to WordPress and choose the "HTML" button in the edit menu;  then paste dotPhoto's Tag link into your HTML.  You can adjust the display size of the image by changing these numbers at the end of the tag:  width="480" height="443";  for instance, 40% smaller would be width="288" height=266".

For more information on hosting images on dotPhoto for blogs, Ebay and web sites, click here.

Author: dotphoto

Glenn Paul is President and Co-Founder of dotPhoto, which began life in 2000 as a photo printing service and now also distributes user-generated media in Flash, video and on cell phones.

3 thoughts on “Getting more out of dotPhoto”

  1. hello, i see you spent allot of time on the content and just wanted to say that i read it all and comment about the quality of the info. I am looking at doing a dotPhoto page for my graphic design forum members and this was really really helpful. Thanks allot.

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