dotPhoto Mobile, new Android app

dotPhoto Mobile is a our new app for Android phones that makes it easy to upload pictures from your camera phone or tablet to dotPhoto. You can even take pictures by tapping the dotPhoto logo. You can save on data streaming by uploading pictures only when Wi-Fi is available, and you can upload automatically or whenever you prefer.

The app is free. To install it on your phone, go to the Google Play Store and search for dotPhoto Mobile or click on this link:

Android Requirements

4.1 and up


To take a picture

Tap the dotPhoto logo button to enter your phone’s camera mode. Take a photo; if you like the photo, tap OK. If not, tap the Retry button. Once you approve the photo, it is added to the upload queue. If you have more than one camera, you may be asked to choose an app for selecting photos.

Wi-Fi Only Switch

Slide the Wi-Fi Only switch right to ON to allow uploads only when Wi-Fi is connected. This switch does not appear on Wi-Fi Only devices. To upload using your phone’s data plan, slide the Wi-Fi only switch left to OFF. dotPhoto Mobile will choose Wi-Fi when it is available, and your phone’s data plan when Wi-Fi is not avaiable.

Upload Switch

Slide the Upload switch right to ON to allow uploads. If Upload is OFF, then photos are added to the upload queue, but are NOT uploaded until you slide Upload to ON.

Change Account

Tap the Change Account button to upload to a different dotPhoto account.

Change Album

Tap the Change Album button to upload to a different Album in your dotPhoto account.

Upload from your Phone’s Photo Gallery

The Gallery icon is the paper with a turned-down top corner. Tap the Gallery icon to see a gallery of photos on your phone. Depending on your Android version, there are several ways to select multiple photos. For the most recent Android versions, press and hold photos to select them. Older Android galleries have check boxes, and some early versions limit you to selecting one photo at a time. You may also be asked to choose which app you want to use for selecting photos.

See your Upload History

The Upload History icon is the clock with the arrow around it. Tap the Upload History icon to display a list of photos that have been uploaded or are in the process of uploading to your dotPhoto account.


Author: dotphoto

Glenn Paul is President and Co-Founder of dotPhoto, which began life in 2000 as a photo printing service and now also distributes user-generated media in Flash, video and on cell phones.

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