The photo tips that finally clicked

The Photo Tips That Finally Clicked And Made Me A Better Photographer

What should we concentrate on?

As we try to learn photography…we often feel that we can’t get it right. Is it us? Is it what we’re shooting? Is it the camera? Something else? We search for answers and today the Internet offers us many possible lessons and loads of articles to review and study. Our writer claims he spent much time and experienced much frustration before finally putting it together himself. If nothing else he works hard in this article to combine many lessons into one place so that we don’t have to search far and wide for answers on how to improve our photography. Let’s see what Thorin Klosowski has to tell us.

Thorin says

“In high school and early college, I wanted to be a concert photographer. I spent tons of money developing poorly-shot 35mm film from a cheap SLR camera. No matter what I tried, I couldn’t get the hang of it… Photography is hard, and nothing about it clicked, as it were.

I recently found a camera that both suits my needs and that I’ll actually carry around with me, the Sony RX100. As a bonus, I’ve also learned how to use the damn thing. A lot of different factors fell into place for this whole thing to stick, and I’m now able to enjoy it as a hobby. If you’re interested in photography too, don’t be me — start with these suggestions”

Quit Obsessing Over the Camera and Just Pick One You’ll Actually Use



Find Photographers You Admire, and Copy, Copy, Copy



And there’s much more. To see what else Thorin has to say follow this link. We think you’ll find it interesting, informative, and easy to follow along.



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