Impressive and unusual photography collections

Impressive Unusual Photography Collections, and How to Create Them

Here at dotPhoto we subscribe to many regular publications, notices and updates that cover a truly wide range of photography topics. And although I personally look forward to reviewing many of these publications, I’ve become a bit skeptical of the claims they often make in their headlines. Superlatives are everywhere. You’ve probably noticed yourself how often terms like “the best”, “the finest”, “the greatest”, and of course “awesome” are used to grab your attention. It’s gotten to the point that I pay very little, if any, attention to the headlines and titles of articles. So I smiled the other day when an article I was reviewing had a link entitled “The Ultimate Photography Roundup”. Then I started reading…

I don’t know about “ultimate” but I have to admit to being very impressed with a number of the unusual collections and the tips they offered on taking these types of photos. I’m going to share five collections I genuinely enjoyed and think there’s a good chance you might enjoy at least a few of them as well.

The first type of photography to view is High Speed Photography which seems to freeze time. A few samples and the link for you to see more follow…



You’ll find the link entitled Celebration Of High-Speed Photography in the reviewed article points to where you’ll see beautiful examples of high-speed photography.

Next we’ll take a look at a type of photography I never before experienced, Tilt-Shift Photography. Tilt-Shift Photography is a process in which a photograph of a life-sized location or object is manipulated so that it looks like a photograph of a miniature-scale model. Here’s what it looks like and where you can see more.



The link in our article, 50 Beautiful Examples Of Tilt-Shift Photography, takes you here.

Next we’ll take a look at Motion Blur Photography. Motion Blur is frequently used to show a sense of speed.



Our parent article has a link to 45 Beautiful Motion Blur Photos. It takes you here:

Next we take a look at photos where smoke plays a big role. Some subjects you go looking for and others you create yourself.



See more in the link in our article entitled Smoke Photography and Smoke Art which takes you here:

And finally another unusual type of photography covered in the main article is Macro Photography. Macro photography is the art of taking close-up pictures that reveal details which can’t be seen with the naked eye.



I hope the quality of the photos above gives you some idea of why I was impressed with these out of the ordinary types of photos. The main article referenced here can be seen at:

It also points out impressive examples of Black and White Photography, Night Photography and a few others. But I thought I’d let you visit the article and explore those collections for yourself.

Let us know what you think.

Walter Krieg

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Glenn Paul is President and Co-Founder of dotPhoto, which began life in 2000 as a photo printing service and now also distributes user-generated media in Flash, video and on cell phones.

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