Uploading to dotPhoto

We have recently changed our uploading process to enable drop-and-drag and to make uploading more reliable.  However, we may be “hiding our light under a bushel.”  Here are a few tips to help explain the new process:  “Uploading” is called, through the initial stages of the process, “Add.”  You’ll see “Add” in the upper left corner of the screen: 

  • Click on the arrows next to “Add” to access the “Add photos” or “Add videos” function.  (“Add videos” is only available if you are a Pictavision or Video subscriber.

  • Click on the “Organize” arrow to access the “Create new album” function. 


You’ll be asked to click on an “Add your new photos” button, and, if this is your first time uploading, dotPhoto will attempt to install the upload tool.  At this point, Microsoft Windows requires that you approve the new tool.  Go toward the top of the screen, click on the yellow line, and follow the instructions to install the DPimageUploader tool.


Once you’re installed the upload tool, follow these three steps:

  1. Find the directory where your photos are stored.

  2. Choose the photos you want by selecting all or by dragging the ones you want to the lower section.

  3. Click on the “Upload” button.


Complete Uploading FAQ

Uploading from your camera phone to dotPhoto

There are two ways to upload photos from your camera phone to dotPhoto: 

  1. Set up your phone’s email address in your dotPhoto account information, and email photos directly to upload@dotphoto.com   (See more below.)

  2. Buy Pictavision 5 from your carrier.  The latest version of Pictavision is available in the U.S. on more advanced phones from Verizon Wireless, Alltel and Intellos.  It will be available on most BREW carriers soon, but the software manages every aspect of the phone including camera control, so it requires a fairly advanced phone.  Pictavision 5 also enables you to speak a voice caption with each photo that is saved on dotPhoto and becomes a part of your dotPhoto Shows.  If you subscribe to Pictavision, you automatically receive free video storage after the first time that you access your dotPhoto account from your phone.

    See the explanatory Pictavision 5 video.

More on uploading photos from your phonePhones from every major carrier should be able to upload photos and short videos to dotPhoto by emailing them.  If you don’t know your phone’s email address, try emailing a photo to your standard email address and look at the return address when the mail arrives; the return address is your phone’s email.  

I’ve made it easier to send emails to dotPhoto from my phone by setting up upload@dotphoto as AAA dotPhoto in my address book:  I don’t have to type in the address or scroll through my address book every time I take a photo. 

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For the FAQ on uploading from your cell phone, click here.