Aerial photography – why shoot aerials?

The good, the bad and the ugly of aerial photography

A few years ago my young daughter and I flew out to visit my sister in Colorado. While planning the trip I picked up an inexpensive camera for my daughter so she could take pictures of anything she might want to. She practiced a little at home and got comfortable using the camera. I thought that once we arrived in Colorado she’d get a kick out of photographing our family, as well as the mountains and other landscape that is so much different from the area around our New Jersey home.

When we got to the airport she started to take pictures in the terminal. She said that she liked seeing all the people racing about trying to make their flights. Once we boarded the plane she put the camera down and settled in to her window seat. After we were in the air a while I noticed she had taken out the camera again and was looking out the window. As we got out past the plains and she began to see mountains she began to snap away. We were sitting close to the wing so the photos all had the plane in them but they did get the idea of the height and the breadth of the aerial view across to those who she showed the photos to.

This got me thinking about the potential beauty of aerial photos, something my family and I don’t really get a chance to take. Recently I came across an article about taking aerial photos and I was truly able to see how grand these photos could be.

The photographer is a professional by the name of Erez Marom who, by his own account, became a serious aerial photographer about 3 years ago. Here’s some of what Erez has to say and a few of the photos from the two articles in this series:

“Man has always had the dream of flight – but so has the photographer…My experiences have mostly been amazing but admittedly not always so, and I’ve come to wonder what makes photography flights in different settings so… well, different.”


“Aerial photography can be wonderful and exhilarating, but it can also be disappointing if you don’t know what you’re getting yourself into.”

Take a look at a photo from each of the two articles and then visit Erez’s articles linked to below.


And from the second


If you find these photographs interesting and even a bit exhilarating visit Mr. Marom’s posts at the following links:

Walter Krieg

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