A complete iPhone 7 plus camera review

An In Depth Look at the iPhone 7 Plus Cameras

The iPhone 7 Plus has been available since September 7th and we’ve been on the lookout for a complete top to bottom review of the cameras that takes us through all its features and capabilities. Today we received a review from dpreview.com that we believe is what we’ve been looking for. Here are the features, functions, abilities, etc. that this series of articles reports on.


To tickle your interest and get you started here are a few of the comments and examples you will see.

In the Introduction: “Judging by design, screen size and resolution, the new iPhone 7 Plus is nothing new. While its major specs are nearly identical to the iPhone 6s Plus, it’s in the camera department where a lot of innovation has happened.” And “There are a lot of new camera features to explore on the new iPhone 7 Plus and we have done exactly that. Read our full review to see…”

Here’s the phone and here we go starting with a shot from the Introduction!


From the Design and Hardware article comes this, “Without a doubt, the most exciting new component on the iPhone 7 Plus is its dual-camera.”

And from Camera Operation we are told, “As in the past, the iPhone camera is very much focused on ease of use and does a very good job at that” and “The iPhone 7 Plus comes with the same physical control layout as previous iPhone generations”. A new portrait mode has been added but here’s a landscape view.


The Features section points out that “the stock camera app comes with a good range of built-in features”. Examples offered are Panorama, HDR Mode and Zoom.

Here’s a look at three of the Zoom results.




Fairly impressive I think.

So you wouldn’t be left wondering, here’s a sample of the new Portrait Mode.


From the Image Quality and Performance section, “the iPhone wide-angle camera delivers a very good performance in bright light.” And an example…


More sample photos and a thorough set of feature descriptions are presented. A complete write-up comes at the end. Be aware, they pull no punches. According to this review there are pros and cons to the iPhone 7 Plus.

That said, from my point of view one of the final evaluations was important, “Its unique selling point is its dual-camera with a 56mm ‘tele-lens.’ It allows for the best zooming of all current smartphones, offers an alternative angle of view to the wide-angle and works well in Apple’s new portrait mode.” I think you’ll find this series as complete and well put together a review as there’s been. Decide for yourself what’s important as you read the article.

Here’s another link to the Introduction to get you started:


I hope you find it informative and interesting, and, as always…
Let us know what you think.

Walter Krieg

Author: dotphoto

Glenn Paul is President and Co-Founder of dotPhoto, which began life in 2000 as a photo printing service and now also distributes user-generated media in Flash, video and on cell phones.

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