The Sinkhole Photo Essay

Sinkhole in Guatemala CityOn February 28, 2013, Jeffrey Bush was swallowed by a sinkhole while he slept at home in Seffner, Florida. He was never seen again.

We often allude to the “ground shifting beneath our feet,” but the idea that one can simply disappear while sleeping is so disturbing that I wondered if anyone had ever made a horror movie about sinkholes. Only one, it turns out: “Sinkhole” was filmed in Centralia, Pennsylvania, a city that has been burning since 1962 when a dump fire ignited a coal seam. Centralia is an interesting parable about how government works: the town fathers didn’t want to spend the money putting out the fire, so it spread; then the state government deferred; then the federal government decided that it would cost billions of dollars to extinguish, and experts were not even certain they could put out the fire. Centralia was abandoned. The ground still smokes today.

The Atlantic Monthly has assembled this exquisite photo essay of the leading sinkholes on the planet. The deepest — at 1325 feet — is the Hranice Abyss in the Czech Republic.

Mail a custom photo card from your desk — only $1.99!

See Mail4Me Card How-to Video!“How did you send that card?” my friends often ask. “I don’t want to throw it away because it’s got our pictures in it!”

The Mail4Me card is probably my favorite dotphoto product, but even my wife forgets to use it. It’s one of the best ways to show my friends that I care about them. When I’m invited to dinner or an event, I take a few photos, upload them to dotphoto, and make a thank-you card.

The Mail4Me cards include photos inside and outside, a personal message, and a picture of my signature. But here’s the amazing thing: dotphoto Club members can send a Mail4Me card including First Class postage for just $1.99! (Only $1.89 if you use the newsletter code below.)

And one more thing — I never have to leave my desk. I don’t have to drive around, browse endlessly through cards with the usual saccharine messages, and pay $6 plus postage. I can send a customized message and some photos that actually mean something to my friends for just $1.99. They’re amazed, and it’s a bargain!

Helpful tip: when you make a Mail4Me card, the card design includes the ship-to and your return address that will go on the envelope. The check-out process also contains the usual ship-to and billing addresses because you might have other items in your cart, but the cart ship-to will NOT apply to your card.

Here’s a video of how to make your own Mail4Me cards in under 3 minutes:

The Secret 7.6 cent Print Sale

4x6 Prints only 7.6 cents!Use dotphoto’s weekly Reader’s Reward code in the dotphoto newsletter to save another 5% on our already low 4×6 print prices. As a dotphoto member, you’ll always get free shipping on orders of $10 or more, so your shipping is free, which is one reason that dotphoto print prices are even better than “free print” services, which ding you for lots of additional costs. (Tap here to see why dotphoto is cheaper than “free” prints.)

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dotphoto Beach Towels

Order a Large MagnetBeach towels don’t have to be mass-produced. They can be fun and you can even add your name in the corner.

Beach towels we love

  • A full size photo of your significant other
  • Your school mascot or logo
  • A colorful flag
  • A sassy saying or meme
  • A family portrait
  • “Reserved for [your name]”
  • A picture of sand (funny, but it may be hard to find)
  • A picture of your favorite pet
  • Great art
  • Your personal monogram
  • Picture from the Hubble Space Telescope
  • Picture of your favorite car
  • A chalk outline from a police scene
  • Free background photos from this site
  • Any great photo from these free stock photography sites

How to print a photo from a video

Tap for free Facebook coversMore and more people are saving short videos on dotphoto like this one. But how can you print a picture from a video?

While there is special software for converting videos into photos, you can also capture a screen, save it, and upload it to dotphoto as a photo that can be printed. This dotphoto FAQ includes detailed instructions for both Windows and Mac users on how to extract and print photos from videos.  Procedures for capturing video screens for printing

Introducing the Memo Magnet

Order a Large MagnetConsider the lowly refrigerator magnet. Only $2.99, but occupier of the most visited wall in the house. While we wait for our refrigerators to become sentient – to order groceries automatically and to display pictures on our command – the humble refrigerator magnet carries on. You can wipe jelly off it, and, as new magnets join, reposition your pictures. The refrigerator magnet is one of the most reliable home devices.

Visiting Mom last week, I noticed that she often searches for certain phone numbers, so we created the dotphoto Memo Magnet– a 3.5” x 5” vertical frig magnet that has room for a photo at the top and a lot of text below. A second version has a header like the one pictured here. By the way, this quote is often attributed to Emerson, but was written by Bessie Anderson Stanley in 1904.

I sent Mom a list of her favorite phone numbers, but you can make Memo Magnets for birthday lists, favorite poems, inspirational sayings, procedures, save-the-date reminders, or any info that you might use or enjoy every day.

To make a Memo Magnet, choose Shop, Lg  Refrigerator Magnet, DesignsAll Occasions, and then add a photo and your text.

Citizen Journalism

Tap for slideshowAs we enter the age of constant cameras (and microphones), individuals have become broadcasters. Almost unseen in the recent news cycle were the riots in Haiti. The government raised gas prices to $20 a gallon to balance the budget. Riots ensued, buildings burned, three people died, and the government suspended the price hike.

A friend returning from a humanitarian mission shared these photos, and said she was relieved to have escaped. Beside the raw authenticity of these cell phone images, they are interesting because The Washington Post reported that “At one point they attempted to set a gas station on fire but were held off by police.” However, one of these photos shows a gas pump burning at a Haitian gas station.