What makes a photo memorable?

MIT explains…

Very memorable images
It seems that the weirder — or more surprising — the better. If you test humans to see what photos we remember, and then feed those results into a neural network, you can train a computer to find the most memorable photos.
The least memorable photos have few defining characteristics such as photos of fields, lakes and buildings like many you have seen before.

A few things that can make a photo memorable

  • Unusual angle
  • Odd facial expression

    Less memorable images
  • Anything surprising
  • Something that breaks the rules
  • An image that tells a story
  • Something threatening

Try uploading your own photos to get a memorability score.

Million dollar painting – now just $5 for Presidents Day

Washington Crossing the Delaware - Emanuel Leutze - 1851 - Metropolitan Museum of Art, NYC


George Washington risked everything to cross the Delaware River on Christmas Eve. Enlistments would expire at the end of the year, and, if the river froze, his enemies might walk across the ice and capture his starving army.

Click on the picture to download a high-resolution image of the famous painting by German American artist Emanuel Gottlieb Leutze. Add the file to your dotPhoto account and use coupon code POSTER to buy a 12×18 matte or glossy print on dotPhoto for just $5!


Abraham Lincoln 10 Days Before Gettysburg Address


The Best Picture of Lincoln

“A new birth of freedom”

Many scholars agree that this photo — taken just 10 days before the Gettysburg Address — is the finest portrait of Lincoln. Download your high-res Lincoln image by clicking on the photo, then upload to your dotPhoto account and use coupon code FREEDOM to get your 12×18 poster for just $5.

How do I order a poster?  Click here for step-by-step procedure.


dotPhoto Mobile, new Android app

dotPhoto Mobile is a our new app for Android phones that makes it easy to upload pictures from your camera phone or tablet to dotPhoto. You can even take pictures by tapping the dotPhoto logo. You can save on data streaming by uploading pictures only when Wi-Fi is available, and you can upload automatically or whenever you prefer.

The app is free. To install it on your phone, go to the Google Play Store and search for dotPhoto Mobile or click on this link:


Android Requirements

4.1 and up


To take a picture

Tap the dotPhoto logo button to enter your phone’s camera mode. Take a photo; if you like the photo, tap OK. If not, tap the Retry button. Once you approve the photo, it is added to the upload queue. If you have more than one camera, you may be asked to choose an app for selecting photos.

Wi-Fi Only Switch

Slide the Wi-Fi Only switch right to ON to allow uploads only when Wi-Fi is connected. This switch does not appear on Wi-Fi Only devices. To upload using your phone’s data plan, slide the Wi-Fi only switch left to OFF. dotPhoto Mobile will choose Wi-Fi when it is available, and your phone’s data plan when Wi-Fi is not avaiable.

Upload Switch

Slide the Upload switch right to ON to allow uploads. If Upload is OFF, then photos are added to the upload queue, but are NOT uploaded until you slide Upload to ON.

Change Account

Tap the Change Account button to upload to a different dotPhoto account.

Change Album

Tap the Change Album button to upload to a different Album in your dotPhoto account.

Upload from your Phone’s Photo Gallery

The Gallery icon is the paper with a turned-down top corner. Tap the Gallery icon to see a gallery of photos on your phone. Depending on your Android version, there are several ways to select multiple photos. For the most recent Android versions, press and hold photos to select them. Older Android galleries have check boxes, and some early versions limit you to selecting one photo at a time. You may also be asked to choose which app you want to use for selecting photos.

See your Upload History

The Upload History icon is the clock with the arrow around it. Tap the Upload History icon to display a list of photos that have been uploaded or are in the process of uploading to your dotPhoto account.


10 Great Things about dotPhoto + One Coupon Code

10 Great Things about dotPhoto
+ One Coupon Code

1. dotPhoto Calendars can start in any month, so, if you order a calendar in January, you can set it up for February through January. Also, with the 30% promo code below, dotPhoto calendars are only $10.49 this month.

2. Club Members get free shipping. That calendar is only $10.49 including economy shipping when shipped to U.S. destinations including military APO addresses.

3. The dotPhoto Frame Shop offers more professional options than any framing service on the web — and you can see how your framed print will look before you order it. Click here to learn more.

4. Procedural Help  dotPhoto provides step-by-step help for everything we do. Click here to search our help data.

5. dotphotobook.com Our book quality is the best on the web, and you can even ask a human to help design your book. dotPhoto books are available in every conceivable size and shape. Click here to learn more.

6. Editing features  You can edit virtually every attribute of your photos on dotPhoto. Just click the pencil icon next to your photo. Click here to learn more.

7. 3×5 and 4xD prints  In addition to traditional 4x6s, dotPhoto prints 3x5s, which are great for scrap-booking, and 4xDs, which have the perfect ratio for most digital cameras, so you don’t have to crop.

8. Bulk Buys  Club Members can buy bulk printing credits for even less, and can use them over the course of a year. To purchase bulk buys, sign in and go to your MyAccount section.

9. Share to Facebook — or virtually anywhere. It’s easy to save, edit and print your photos on dotPhoto — and then to share them anywhere. Click here to learn more.

10. Buy your photos on SD cards.You can always download albums of your photos in the Organize tab, but dotPhoto can also back up thousands of photos to an SD card.Click here to learn more.

This month’s coupon code:  2015

Use coupon code 2015 to save 30% on any order of $20.15 or more. Expires Feb 1, 2015. Economy shipping is free for dotPhoto Club Members. Code 2015also saves 30%  on dotPhotobook.com

Code 2015 for 30% off orders over $20.15

Shop dotphotobook.com
Code 2015 for 30% off 

fotella — self-organizing photos from dotPhoto labs

Imaging technology has improved so radically that our customers’ biggest problem is keeping track of thousands of photos. And customers have asked us for years if we could enable group sharing on dotPhoto. (Yes, you can establish album preferences that enable friends to upload to a single album so you can make books together.)

fotella.com is our project to make photos self-organizing and self-sharing. When you take a photo on your camera phone, fotella groups all the photos from an event by time and GPS data. and shares the photos with other people at the event.

Because fotella organizes by time and space, there is no extra effort on your part: no hash tags, no captions, no friends list, no invitations. Just take a photo and it’s organized and shared.

Oh, and one more thing: there’s no app to install. Just go to fotella.com on your smart phone and tap the camera icon to take a photo from your browser.

fotella doesn’t print yet, but we’ll add an API that enables dotPhoto and perhaps other output sites to print fotella collections.

Feel free to play with fotella.com on your camera phone. We’d love to hear what you think.

What’s with all the posters?

dotPhoto offers three types of posters plus a custom frame store with unlimited, sophisticated framing options:

  1. Standard Posters: our most economical large-size prints  A 16×20 poster is only $9.99.
  2. Rolled Posters: rolled, laminated, enhanced matte paper plus panoramic sizes like the 10 x 25 and 24 x 60 sizes
  3. Framed Posters: Inkjet enhanced matted paper, laminated and mounted to masonite, and framed in a wooden box frame. Includes a hanging kit.
  4. Custom Framing Store: the most sophisticated custom framing service on the Internet. More info on Custom Framing

Here’s an updated, step-by-step process for ordering dotPhoto posters.

Designing a multi-photo framed poster

New: Seriously Custom Framing!

We are pleased to announce that we have rolled out a custom online framing shop.

We couldn’t be more excited: it’s the best online custom photo-framing solution in existence.  Expect to get framed prints that are every bit as high quality as you would expect to buy at your local frame shop.  They are hand made with sealed paper backs, just like local custom frames.

But you will find that our prices are on the average about half what you would pay in a local store.

Club members get free shipping, which is a significant expense on these.

frameshop screen 2

Overall Features:

  • You can crop your framed photos any way you’d like.  There is no requirement that you adhere to 8 x 10″, 11 x 14″, etc.  You can frame, say a 5.3″ x 40.72″ photo if your heart desires.
  • There are several dozen choices of frames.
  • You can select up to three layered mats, in your choice of 28 colors (mats are only available on images up to 24″ on their long side).
  • You can specify the exact type of glass to be used.  Specify glass (standard, nonglare, or museum — which blocks 99% of incoming UV), or Plexiglas (standard or nonglare).

Framed images can be up to 42″ on the long side.

This is an easy way to frame panoramics or any other photo where you want it how you want it, and not according to some standardized format.  And the pricing is spectacular.  Consider giving one of these a whirl — could be addictive!

To buy a framed print:

  1. Select an image, and click on the Cart button
  2. In the Quick Order Form, click on Choose cards, frames, posters, mugs & more  button
  3. Select Framed Prints

… and you’re off to the races.

For a detailed ordering procedure, click here.

We would love to hear any feedback you’d care to share with us.

Linking to your dotPhoto pages

You can link virtually any page or photo element in your dotPhoto account to your blog, discussion board or web site. You can also use these links in an email.

You can link:

  • Your main album page
  • Any specific album
  • Any specific photo
  • Any album beginning with any specific photo

For instance, here is a link to a sample album: http://www.dotphoto.com/go.asp?l=test&AID=6672239

This dotPhoto FAQ provides illustrated procedures for each type of link:


Printing your photos for local pickup

You can now pick up your dotPhoto print order at over 22,000 retailers nationwide.  

You’ll notice a new button (“Order Prints for Local Pickup”) in our shopping cart. screenshot_newcheckout2 This works well when there’s simply not time to wait for mail-order. Limitations: 1. For the moment, you can only order prints and posters for local pickup.  Other photo merchandise such as framed prints, puzzles, cards, mugs etc. must still be purchased in the normal fashion.

2. The price is likely to be higher than via e-commerce.  We do not control local merchants’ pricing – that is up to them.  That being said, when you get to the store, the price may be lower than you saw on dotPhoto, since local stores very often run print specials.  Those specials do not always pass through to become visible on the system.

Stand-up Photo-cutouts are Back!

Cutouts are baaaack!


We’re reintroducing our wildly popular photo-cutouts. 

They’re ridiculously fun, and can work as place-settings at parties, decorations in the young sports hero’s room, or whatever you may want to use them for.  They really are superb, funky, impeccably crafted things.

A photo-cutout is mounted on an acrylic background, cut out by hand (the art of the thing is getting it just exactly right, and machines simply don’t cut the mustard!) and mounted on a base that will stand vertically. Photo cutouts make excellent gifts.  

There’s an instruction box in our ordering system to specify exactly what you want (e.g., “Just give me the boy and his ball!”).

For a FAQ on ordering photo cutouts, please go here.

Sign in


Team on fence Bro & Sis Adams8x10 horse

16MB Uploads for Club Members

dotPhoto has just increased the single image upload from 12 MB to 16 MB for Club Members.

How big is that? The highest resolution for most printers is 300 dots per inch, so, if every single pixel were different, you could print a perfect 300 by 300 pixel-per-inch photo at 11 inches by 16 inches. This would be about 15.8 million pixels.

However, all pixels are NOT different: there are whole regions of sky and skin that have the same attributes, so most JPG files shrink significantly. In addition, large format printing devices (24″ to 60″) usually print at 72 to 100 dpi, so your 16MB upload can print the largest posters offered by dotPhoto.

One rule of thumb is that a each MegaPixel (MP) translates into roughly a half a MegaByte (MB), so a 32 megapixel camera will create roughly a 16 MB JPG file.

The Time to Upload Problem

Of course, very large images take longer to upload, so you might want to consider if you’re ever going to print more than a 4″ x 6″ print. Here are optimal image sizes in pixels for guidance in choosing image or print sizes:

Print in Inches Pixels
 Wallet Less than 480 x 640
4 x 6 (Minimum) 480 x 640
4 x 6 (Best) 768 x 1024
5 x 7 864 x 1152
8 x 10 1200 x 1600
11 x 14 1600 x 2000
16 x 20 1600 x 2000
20 x 30 1600 x 2000
24  x 36 1600 x 2400
30 x 40 2000 x 3000

New Download for Club Members

We’ve made it easier than ever for dotPhoto Club Members to download all the photos in an album.

Here’s a visual and a complete step-by-step procedure in our Help system:

Downloading images from an album


Expedited Album Downloading is another special Club Feature.

To become a dotPhoto Club Member, click here. Get downloading, free merchandise shipping, phone support and more.

dotPhoto Card Sale – as low as 25 cents plus free shipping for Club Members

As low as 25 cents each Cards-Home2Gorgeous Holiday Cards at Prices You Won’t Find Anywhere

Our exclusive 2014 designs start at just 25¢ a card.

Each and every gorgeous 4×8 holiday card includes a mailing envelope and costs as little as 25¢; 5×7 folding cards with envelopes are as low as 99¢. Forget Black Friday discounts — compare dotPhoto to Shutterfly, Snapfish, and others, and you’ll find our price and quality can’t be beat — any day of the year.

Pick yours out today — dotphoto.com/StoreCards.asp

CLUB MEMBERS: your shipping is free on all card orders!

dotPhoto Partners with Buffet Restaurants for Seasonal Sweepstakes

Exciting things are happening at dotPhoto! We’re proud to announce our latest partnership with Ovation Brands, the parent company of national steak-buffet restaurants Ryan’s®, HomeTown® Buffet, Old Country Buffet®, Country Buffet® and Fire Mountain®.

Our partnership, an online photo contest called Your Favorite Buffets Seasonal Family Sweepstakes, runs now through January 15. Guests are encouraged to upload their family photos this holiday season to dotPhoto’s dedicated Buffets platform for a chance to win free food for a full year and a dotPhoto photo book.

The dates of the promotions are:

  • Thanksgiving: November 7 – December 2
  • December Holidays: December 3 – December 27
  • New Year’s: December 28 – January 15

Visit your local buffet today to see our in-store promotion and join the fun.

Get a coupon for your favorite Buffet here.

Find a restaurant in your area. Click here.